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Residential Recycling FAQ

Can you pick-up my equipment?

Unfortunately due to insurance and safety reasons, CompuCycle does not pick-up recyclable equipment from residences. However, you can drop-off your e-waste at out main processing facilty, one of our 70+ drop-off locations, or the scheduled recycling events we participate in.

What about data security?

Secure Data Destruction is of prime importance at CompuCycle, and ALL hard drives and other data media received from residential sources is destroyed in our industrial shredder. Once shredded, there is no possibility of recovering any data.

How & where do I drop-off equipment for recycling?

  1. CompuCycle is open 6 days a week at our main processing facility, and have a drive-thru area which we can assist you with heavy items. Details here.
  2. We have over 70 local drop-off locations throughout the Houston area. View our map for the closest in your area, each having different hours (phone numbers and hours provided on map by clicking on map icon).
  3. CompuCycle participates in many scheduled recycling events hosted by the City of Houston and private orginizations throughout the area, each offering a drive-through service for your conveniance.

What happens to my equipment?

CompuCycle responsibly recycles all residential equipment we receive in conformance with R2 (Responsible Recycling) standards we are certified for. This means that equipment is broken down into it's component parts. For example in the case of a PC; power supplies, motherboards, processors, plastic, metal, floppy drives, hard drives, cables etc. Once broken down they are then sent to a various certified refineries that recycle and recover any materials that can be reused in other manufacturing processes.