The Legend of the DoD Hard Drive Wipe Standard

Photo by Blogtrepreneur. Few technologies in the history of mankind have evolved as quickly and dramatically as the hard drive. Data storage that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and filled a room 50 years ago now costs less than the price of a movie ticket, can fit in your pocket, and can hold thousands…
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What Are Current Data Destruction Standards?

The secure disposal of sensitive electronic information is a serious concern for virtually every modern business or organization, but the means of doing so is anything but universal. There are no less than 20 different standards for using software to wipe hard drives and other memory devices, as well as different recommended methods of physical…
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Internal computer parts

What Computer Components Are Recyclable?

Recycling computer components offers a variety of benefits. The most important on a global scale is the ability to keep toxic substances found in electronics out of landfills. Responsible recycling also helps prevent identity theft since recycling through appropriate channels also ensures your personal information is wiped safely from the machine. It also allows you…
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benifits of reusing electronics

The Benefits of Reusing Electronics

Fundamental to CompuCycle’s R2 Standard is the emphasis on reuse as the best approach to managing electronics.   Reuse extends the useful life of electronics, thereby reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing new products.  In addition to the widely recognized environmental benefits, reuse also provides economic and social benefits by bridging the digital divide with affordable…
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houston summer is here

Houston… Summer is here!

Warm is an understatement. It’s HOT out there and we need to embrace this weather! Whether your to-do list this season involves camping, traveling, barbecues or any activities outdoors, there’s an electronic device designed to make it even more fun! Here are some summer electronics that will enhance your favorite outdoor activities. How many of…
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CODE GREEN: George R. Brown Convention Center Visit

Today, CompuCycle attended the HGAC – Regional Recycling Roundtable Event at the George R. Brown Convention Center that included a presentation followed by a facility tour. We were extremely impressed with the efforts in place to recycle, save energy and compost food and beverage. In 2011, Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center earned the LEED Silver…
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